Meet the leadership team

Our leadership team embodies a synergy of technical prowess, innovative thinking, and a forward-looking vision. Their collective expertise ensures that we stay ahead of the curve, continually delivering unparalleled solutions and services to our valued clientele.

Chaitali Shah Manager
Payroll & Operations

Chaitali Shah
Armed with a Master's Degree in HR and a complementary law degree, she adeptly oversees DEV IT's diverse, multi-locational workforce. Her solid legal background guarantees impeccable adherence to HR-related statutory compliances. However, her true passion resides in pioneering automation initiatives. She consistently emphasizes the importance of a systematic, efficient approach by streamlining and refining processes like appraisals, recruitments, and creating detailed training schedules. Her commitment has significantly enhanced employee engagement policies, transforming most HR functions into a seamlessly system-driven operation.

Debashish Ghosh General Manager Public Sector (West)

Debashish Ghosh
Debashish boasts over 20 years of in-depth expertise in the IT sector, demonstrating a consistent track record of overseeing comprehensive medium to large-scale projects. His distinctive strength bridges the gap between intricate business objectives and technical dimensions. Ensuring every project meets and often exceeds its specifications, he always delivers on time and adheres strictly to budgetary constraints. Through his vast, accumulated experience, he skillfully harmonizes customer and user needs with overarching business goals and objectives, even amidst stringent budget limitations, with a specialized focus on the unique demands of the public sector.

Devang Bhatt Associate Vice President Enterprise Applications

Devang Bhatt
With an MBA, diplomas in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Applications, and Sales from Ahmedabad institutions, Devang brings a multifaceted educational background to Dev Information Technology Ltd. He has dedicated 21 years to the company and heads the Enterprise Application's marketing and sales team. Devang and his team shoulder the pivotal roles of steering domestic and international sales and marketing endeavours, drawing from his extensive experience and knowledge.

Harshil Shah Chief Financial Officer

Harshil Shah
Harshil, the Chief Financial Officer of Dev Information Technology Limited since February 2017, is an accomplished commerce graduate from L J Commerce College, Ahmedabad. With over 15 years in finance, his expertise spans governance, compliance, financial operations, and internal controls. Recently, he's been pivotal in overseeing DEV IT's finances, steering post-merger actions, and launching numerous financial strategies. Tasked with directing the company's financial planning and risk management, Harshil has a comprehensive grasp of financial management, from basic accounting to intricate banking operations. His primary objective is ensuring DEV IT's financial stability, safeguarding revenues, and fostering sustainable growth.

Kaushal Vyas Associate Vice President Public Sector (West)

Kaushal Vyas
With a remarkable career spanning over 25 years, Kaushal is a seasoned Sales, Marketing, and Business Development professional. For the past two decades, he has been at the helm of business development at Dev Information Technology Ltd., driving the company's success and growth. Kaushal's expertise lies in enterprise solutions, mobility, digital transformation through innovative e-governance solutions, skill acquisition, cloud computing, and software licensing. His visionary leadership and extensive experience make him an invaluable asset to our organization as we continue to thrive and deliver cutting-edge solutions in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Ketan Shah Practice Head Enterprise Applications

Ketan Shah
With over 30 years of expertise in ERP Solutions and bespoke applications, Ketan serves as the Delivery Head and Senior Functional Consultant. He boasts extensive experience across diverse sectors locally and internationally, ranging from manufacturing, textiles, and construction to IPTV services, pathology labs, and film distribution. Apart from spearheading various projects, Ketan also plays a pivotal role in the pre-sales activities of Dynamics 365 practice. His vast domain knowledge, especially in diamond manufacturing and fire-fighting solutions, showcases his versatile expertise.

Mihir Jhaveri Vice President Enterprise Applications

Mihir Jhaveri
Mihir, a Senior Management Executive with over 25 years of experience, specializes in growth strategies, technology, and brand equity, among other areas. His extensive background spans sales, business development, product management, ERP platforms like SAP S4 HANA, Oracle Fusion, and CRM systems, including Salesforce. With expertise in Cloud Computing solutions such as Azure and AWS, he has served in leading roles across global firms like Bristlecone, Evosys, and HCL Technologies. Currently, Mihir leads the Enterprise Applications, overseeing platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure. He's a Certified Independent Director and also holds PMP and CSMP certifications. A mechanical engineering graduate from PSG College of Technology, his career journey includes prominent stints in regions like the US, UK, Europe, and India.

Nilay Bhatt Manager IT Infrastructure

Nilay Bhatt
At DEV IT, Nilay Bhatt is instrumental in maintaining the seamless operation of IT systems, serving as the pillar of our infrastructure. With comprehensive expertise in Microsoft technology and platform deployment, he's adept at enhancing unified messaging and communications. His myriad of certifications, including Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), underscores his competence. Nilay's dedication and prowess amplify DEV IT's commitment to delivering top-tier services, solidifying him as an essential team asset.

Paritosh Jani Associate Vice President Managed IT Services

Paritosh Jani
Paritosh, AVP of Managed IT Services at "DEV IT," is a seasoned professional specializing in digital workplace solutions and cloud enablement for global clients across industries. With 25+ years of experience, he excels in creating a holistic service delivery model. His profound knowledge of IT technologies has been pivotal in reshaping IT services and prioritizing service excellence and client satisfaction. A former support executive at Wipro BPO and IT trainer, Paritosh is dedicated to talent development and upholds the highest values and ethics. Beyond work, he's an enthusiastic book lover and wildlife

Piyush Nagar Manager Talent Management

Piyush Nagar
At DEV IT, Piyush is at the helm of Talent Management. With twenty years of experience under his belt spanning various industries, his vast knowledge in HR equips him to oversee Learning and Development, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, Rewards and Recognition, Grievance Addressal, and Organizational Communication. Being an NLP Practitioner and a DISC Administrator, Piyush possesses a unique knack for comprehending individuals and addressing people-centric challenges.

Pratik Jadav Director Dev Info-Tech North America Limited

Pratik Jadav
Pratik Jadav has been the Director of Dev Info-Tech North America Limited since 2012. He holds an Advance Diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology from Humber Institute of Technology, and Bachelors in Marketing from University of Toronto, Toronto. Currently Head of Finance North America, he is also responsible for sales follow-up and general business administration.

Sanjay Santoki Cloud Excellence Head CCoE

Sanjay Santoki
Sanjay, the Center of Excellence (CCoE) Lead, expertly crafts digital transformation strategies, guides cloud adoption journeys, oversees migration, and diligently optimizes for both performance and cost. Beyond this, he's passionate about driving innovation by diving deep into R&D on emerging technologies. He actively mentors and shapes the learning curve for DEV IT's team, ensuring they're abreast of new industry trends. With a rich background spanning over 20 years covering cloud architecture, security, automation, and systems, he boasts proficiency in AWS, Microsoft, and Unix/Linux platforms. As a Network Security certified expert, Sanjay thrives on technical challenges, demonstrating a relentless hunger to update and expand his knowledge in cutting-edge tech spheres.

Shomy Sathyadevan Delivery Head Cloud & Blockchain

Shomy Sathyadevan
Shomy, with over 20 years in digital ecommerce, stands out as an esteemed Project Manager. He guides clients through application development's nuances, offers strategic insights, and designs impactful success roadmaps. His acumen spans Cloud, Open Source, UI/UX, and Quality Control. Known for championing execution excellence, Shomy leads high-performing teams, driving projects towards profitability. His innovative solutions cater to diverse industries like Banking, Insurance, and Education. Shomy, with a Master's from Bharathidasan University, is DEV IT's esteemed Delivery Head, continuously propelling digital commerce transformations.

Tejas Patel Vice President Public Sector (North)

Tejas Patel
Tejas boasts 18 years in the IT industry, profoundly influencing Public Sector operations and business growth. His commitment to professional evolution is evident with an MCA and certifications as a Prince2 Practitioner and Azure Administrator Associate. Renowned for superior project management, Tejas consistently exceeds targets and significantly contributes to organizational success. His innovative, strategic mindset and deep passion for his work establish him as a leader who catalyzes collaborative excellence, solidifying his status as an indispensable organizational asset.

Vivek Shah Vice President Cloud & Blockchain

Vivek Shah
Vivek Shah is an exemplary Sales and Marketing specialist devoted to executing transactions that drive significant growth and development for the company. With over 22+ years of experience, Vivek is the Vice President of Cloud & Blockchain at DEV IT. His competency in effectuating sales as a part of brand building & market development continues to create wonders for the company. At DEV IT, Vivek looks into Sales & Marketing, Account Management, Technical Consulting, Company Strategic Planning, Gap Analysis, Escalation Management, Process & Workflow Planning, and Product Innovation.