How to Develop Dockerize application with Angular and Node JS

How to Develop Dockerize Application with Angular and Node JS

This comprehensive guide will help you to develop Dockerize Application with both open-source framework Angular and Node JS. Visit now to read in detail.

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Collaborate and Annotate PDF using FlowPaper Classic

Collaborate and annotate PDF using FlowPaper Classic

Read the complete guide for collaboration and web annotation of PDF by using FlowPaper.

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Improve Coding in iOS App Development with SOLID Principles and Swift

SOLID Principles: To Develop Swift/iOS Applications in right way

Learn the five principles of SOLID which can help iOS developers in iOS app development. Visit and read this guide written by DEV IT experts.

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Beginner guide to API First Development Process

Beginner guide to API-First development process

In the API-first approach, developers first start working on API to avoid any critical issues on the final deployment of the website and mobile app. Visit now to read the full guide.

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.NET Core API With Swagger Implementation

.NET Core API with Swagger implementation

Read this comprehensive guide about how to implement Open API Swagger in ASP.Net Core MVC. Visit now and start learning with this DEV IT expert guide.

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Payment Processing Using Authorize.Net

How to do payment transactions using Authorize.Net?

Authorize.Net can help you to improve your digital transactions. It provides various top-level payment systems including PayPal & Apple Pay. Read this blog to learn more about payment transactions with Authorize.Net.

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Steps to Bundling And Minification In ASP.NET Core

Steps to bundling and minification in ASP.NET Core 3.0

Learn step by step process about building and minification in ASP.NET core by helping bundleconfig.json.

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Beginner’s guide DigiLocker system implementation

Struggling to implement cloud based Digital locker – DigiLocker? Learn the most easy way to implement DigiLocker system by DEV IT experts.

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Dynamic 365 Finance and Operation Mobile App Walkthrough

The Dynamic 365 Finance and Operation Mobile App Walkthrough You Need to know in 2022

Now, you can manage your business process easily on mobile devices with Dynamic 365 Finance and Operation mobile app. Read this blog to know everything about the app.

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Connecting different ERP systems with Azure Data Factory
Business Intelligence

Simplifying the Way to Connect Over 9 Different ERP Systems with Azure Data Factory

Learn about the Integration of Microsoft Azure data factory with multiple ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, NetSuite and Dynamics AX. Visit to read the complete procedure.

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Manage Different Environment And Configuration For iOS Project

Manage Different Environment And Configuration For iOS Project

Are you working on an iOS app development project? Read this guide on how you can make process easy to manage environments by using schema and configuration.

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Guide to Postings and Closing stock in Dynamic 365 F&O

A Beginner’s Guide to Postings and Closing stock in Dynamic 365 F&O

Configure posting and closing stock inventory in Microsoft dynamics 365 F&O with this beginners guide. Check it Out!

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