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A Big Thank You. There are people in this world and particularly in our so called professional world who will always count money….or will count their time spent on activities for others….or are never ready to engage for a social cause… You are DIFFERENT! And thank you for being that way. I remember that meeting – of course at DEV IT’s office and where else? – Where we just discussed the idea of having a Dewang Mehta Foundation Trust website and without any provocation DEV IT volunteered to develop it and immediately took charge of the development and execution. The team of DEV IT willingly accepted the task and started working on the project. We could see the fruition of that great team effort resulting in a beautiful web platform. “Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water -it will make ripples throughout the entire pond...” - Jessy and Bryan Matteo ….and we are feeling the ripples.
Rajiv Vaishnav

Vice President

Website Designing

Website Development solutions ensure transparency, effectiveness and easy access. The projects are managed with a systematic, objective and rationalistic approach.

Our team is experienced in meeting our customer’s needs for Interactive websites which are brand driven and aesthetically amazing by color, unique design, content, functionality, navigation, and a professional and creative overall.

Whether you are looking for the development of a highly secure online shopping cart or you wish to get an attractive and innovative website that acts as a 24x7 marketing tool for your business; we can help. Our team of highly experienced professionals will guide you towards achieving your companies’ goal after conducting an in-depth market as well as a competitive analysis and suggest the right solution mix for you.

Whether it’s a small business or big, an effective marketing strategy requires hard work, extensive research, technological insight and experience. Our team of designers will help you enhance your corporate identity and marketability. We help your ideas shape into reality with our expertise and innovative methodologies. Our expertise in the field is time tested.

Customized user friendly website design is our primary focus area. Understanding of user point of view is the essential and correct approach to deliver this solution. Before we proceed with designing, we keep customers usability at priority. It is very critical to keep in mind the importance of identifying the target viewer. We develop the website that is easy to navigate and user friendly so that your customers keep coming back.

We offer complete web design solutions, where our clients are benefited to have all reciprocal solutions under a single umbrella.

Professional Web Designing

We create unique web sites which help you reach the goals that you have for creating an online presence - whether it is for a business, a personal blog, static HTML or a dynamic website in ASP.NET with powerful controls using AJAX, ATLAS or JQuery.

Website Maintenance

If you choose to let us maintain your website for you, all it takes is a simple e-mail exchange and your web site can be updated within a matter of hours. These periodic changes to your web site might reflect modifications in your operation, new products, seasonal offerings or just an occasional addition or removal of graphic images to give your web site a fresh look. Site visitors and search engines like it when your web site is updated often with new information.

Website Redesigns

If you have a functional website but the design is less than professional, why not get a website redesign? For an affordable budget you can give your website a whole new look.

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