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Congratulations on a successful migration. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished here as this was no small feat. Another heroic effort by a great team!
Norm Williams

Program Manager (IT)

ByteBOX – Managed Dedicated Servers and Managed Virtual Private Servers

Our Web Hosting services are backed by superior redundancy, a high-quality, high availability network infrastructure, dedicated customer service and technical support.

With our web hosting solutions we are able to offer you excellent hosting at a price that suits your budget, maintaining our servers and monitoring our systems both day and night, ensuring your websites remain visible at all times and also provide everything you need to get your business or personal website or blogs online with multiple domains, databases and e-mails.

With a dedicated servers plan, your site resides on its own server, decreasing the risk of server-related difficulties. The increased power and autonomy of a dedicated server provides enhanced storage resources and computing capacity. Dedicated servers are designed for customers with high traffic volumes and complex requirements.

They reduce response time and increase processing speed, allowing for faster access to your Web site services and information. Additionally, users who want increased flexibility, rock-solid reliability and the freedom to install or operate anything they want require our server packages.

Managed Dedicated Server

You can customize your requirement according to the specifications required (RAM, HDD, Processor, Database options, control panel, firewall, etc.)Based on your custom requirement, we will provide a custom quote.

Managed Virtual Private Server

VPS is a hosting environment that provides you your own unique private server. Each VPS is a private and secure area that operates as an independent server. Our Virtual Private Servers can be used for everything from off-site data storage, web application hosting services, application development, mail server, etc. We also back up all our services with excellent support system. Our support engineers are trained to deliver the best support in the industry – 24×7.

Fully Managed Windows VPS:
4 Cores | 120 GB HDD | 4 GB RAM | 1 TB Transfer - at just US$ 120.00 per month

Why Virtual Private Server?

  • Has your website grown beyond the limitations of shared hosting? Are you paying for extra disk space or extra bandwidth utilization?
  • Are you a web hosting reseller looking for a shift from shared hosting to a dedicated server but do not have the budget?
  • Do you have a mission critical server in your office with a requirement for very high availability?
  • Are you looking for security, affordability and privacy of a separate physical computer server?
  • Is more than 20% of your business revenue generated online?
  • Is your business expanding and you need to provide access to remote workers to office documents and email – 24×7?

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