SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

First impressions matter. And when your users are about to make a purchase decision or interacting with your digital brand, it matters all the more. SSL Certificates ensure that your website is updated with high standards of security and encryption while promising a safe browsing experience for your users.

The SSL Certificate will result in an HTTPS predecessor for your web address, making it literally the very first thing your users observe. As one of the leaders in domain security, we have helped dozens of businesses get their SSL Certificates, and we are here to do the same for you. Work with DEV IT and effortlessly deliver a safer & superior experience to your visitors.

Our SSL Certificate Partners

RapidSSL Certificate Provider


Running small scale transactions or want to secure your administrative area? This is for you.

RapidSSL Wildcard

As efficient as it can be – one certificate for all your subdomains.

GeoTRUST SSL Certificate Provider

QuickSSL Premium

Good for securing your website and apps.

QuickSSL Premium Multi-Domain

Got five or fewer sub-domains? Secure all of them with one certificate.

True BusinessID

One certificate for both your 'www' and 'non-www websites.

True BusinessID Multi-Domain

One certificate for up to 25 sub-domains.

thawte SSL Certificate Provider


Good for your first SSL certificate to secure internal servers and a private website.

SSL Web Server

Promise authentic & secure browsing across enterprise apps and business websites.


Promise a Higher Standard of Security with SSL Certificates

The Promise of 256-Bit Encryption

Our SSL Certificates ensure end-to-end security for all your users on the website or application. 

Stand for Consumer Data Protection

Users strongly prefer interacting with websites that exhibit an HTTPS right before the web address. This indicates websites safe enough for transactions. Make sure you opt for a 2048-bit key length and deliver a comprehensively secure environment for your visitors.  

Enhance the Browsing Experience and Retain the Users

Most leading browsers now show real-time warnings flagging domains that do not have an HTTPS preceding the web address. Users often choose to skip such websites.

Establish Trust

We provide a ‘Secure Seal’ alongside SSL Certificates for no extra costs. Put together, when the HTTPS and the Secure Seal are displayed on your website, your users will get the validation of the highest standards of security on your website.

A Non-Negotiable SEO Element

Google has been actively indexing websites with HTTPS over contemporaries without one. Make sure your SEO efforts yield your desired results by adding our SSL Certificates to your domain.  

Protect Your Website from Cybercrime

Cybercrime damages your brand equity and poses severe risks to the personal and financial data of your users. PCI-DSS Compliance standards dictate HTTPS security for all the websites that support online transactions and store user data.

Why Should You Trust DEV IT for Your SSL Certificate Needs?

Trusted by Leading Brands

DEV IT has been the preferred partner for brands across industries around the globe. 

One Platform for All Your Needs

We have a team of experts to assist you across a comprehensive range of IT capabilities.

24 x 7 Technical Support

Our team provides around the clock assistance via email and online chat. 

The Promise of Satisfaction or Full Refund

We provide a trial period to help you test our expertise and a risk-free no-cost exit if the engagement does not match your standards. 

Global Scale of Excellence

We actively update our systems and solutions to match the global benchmarks.

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