Productivity Software

Productivity Software

Licensing the right software solution for your business can be a linear path to high productivity. However, it also comes with its overheads, under & over licensing issues, training, and compliance challenges – all of which require expert-led optimization. As a partner to Microsoft and Adobe, we provide high-touch licensing advisory to ensure your business can take full advantage of its resources without putting at risk your budget & compliance priorities.

Our Licensing Partners


We have been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 1997 and
credentialed as an Independent Software Vendor and Cloud Solution Provider.

On Premise Licenses

  • System Software License: Windows Desktop OS
  • Application Software Licenses: MS Office, Visual Studio, MS Project, MS Vision, and several others.
  • Server Software Licenses: Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, and several others.

Cloud Licenses

  • Office 365: Latest MS Office Applications
  • Microsoft Azure
  • MS Dynamics 365 with integrated CRM and ERP capabilities.
  • Skype for Business and MS Exchange Online for a cohesive communication ecosystem.
  • One Drive for cloud storage.
  • Several other on-demand licenses.

License Compliance Audit

  • Comprehensive audit capabilities centred around cost, control, and compliance.
  • Software asset audit for material direct and indirect impact on business process efficacy.


Our team of experts conducts rigorous analysis of your needs, budget, and functional requirements to deliver precise Adobe licensing solutions that create value. We have provided licensing solutions for small, medium, and
large scale enterprises as well as schools, universities, and government bodies.
Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

It includes subscription-based licenses for Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, InDesign, and other applications that help you collaborate and publish your work.

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Adobe Document Cloud

It streamlines your document workflow on a single and secure platform with Acrobat, Sign, and other essential applications.


Never Worry About Under or Over Licensing

Our team matches your licensing requirements with your technological & operational needs to ensure you are never over or under license and mitigates compliance risks by a wide margin. 

Get Cost-Effective Enterprise Pricing

As partners to Microsoft and Adobe, we ensure your business gets access to the most cost-effective pricing, subscription, and renewal in one place, potentially saving considerable resources right from the outset.

Access Training Resources for Seamless Deployment

As experts in SaaS adoption and cloud computing and partners to both Microsoft and Adobe, our team provides adequate training as and where necessary to your employees. This ensures frictionless integration of productivity software into your business processes.

Act on Expert Advice Based on Comprehensive Need Mapping

Our team beings the productivity software licensing engagement by performing comprehensive need mapping analysis for your business. This directs our recommendations through the lifecycle and helps us benchmark your operational performance to help you understand the potential impact of the software and understand proactively upgrade requirements.

Work with Technology Experts

Besides productivity software selection, filtering, training, and deployment, DEV IT works as a singular platform that provides you with expertise in critical enterprise IT functions like cloud computing, product development, SaaS deployment, cybersecurity, and several other areas. 

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