Digital Signature

Digital Signature

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are an intelligent way to showcase your identity when the laws require you to sign, prove authenticity, or access sensitive information online. Unlike scanned digital documents, a DSC assures absolute validity and provides you a hassle-free one-click solution through a secure channel for proving your identity or signing documents.

With DEV IT by your side, you can file your application and get a government-accepted Digital Signature Certificate in as little as one hour. Our process is optimized and recognized by India’s first Licensed Certifying Authority Sify under the IT Act 2000. We provide comprehensive telephone assistance for every DSC issued at DEV IT to ensure a seamless digital signing process whenever you need it. 

Our Offerings

RCAI Class 3 Individual Certificate
This is an entry-level certificate ideal for elementary compliance. You can be compliant to the requirements of Income Tax, GST, TDS, and other similar laws.
RCAI Class 3 Individual Certificate
RCAI Class 3 ORG Certificate
This is a foundational certificate issued to the applying email address. It can help you be compliant when dealing with matters related to tenders, trademarks, etc.
RCAI Class 3 ORG Certificate
Safe Exim
The certificate is designed to enable Exporters & Importers to apply for DGFT-approved electronic licenses which can securely detect any changes made to the data attributed to your DSC.
Safe Exim

Who Needs a Digital Signature Certificate?

Registering a Company or Director

If you are in the process of or planning to register a one-person company, LLP, private limited company, or a public limited company, you will need a DSC. The DSC is also mandatory if you want to obtain a Director Identification Number. 


If your business has revenues exceeding 60 lakhs (6 million), the Ministry of Corporate Affairs mandates that you should have a DSC for authenticating your returns. 

Income Tax and GST Processing

If your individual annual gross income is over 25 lakhs or your business has revenues of more than 1 crore, you are mandated to use a DSC while filing for income tax. If you have a business other than a sole proprietorship, you have to use a DSC for obtaining and verifying online GST returns.

Import-Export Codes, IP Registration, and E-Tendering

All the businesses requesting an Import-Export Code must use a DSC in the application process. Moreover, if you are filing for Intellectual Property Rights on trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc., you will need a DSC in the registration process. 

The businesses engaged in an E-Tendering process on a government platform must use a Class 3 DSC to submit a valid tender. 

Employee Provident Fund Claim Procedures

If you are a registered employer and are filing for an Employee PF Transfer Claim Form using an online medium, you will be required to have your Class 3 DSC in the process.

How to Get a Digital Signature Certificate?


Ensure Your Identification Documents Are Accessible

Just have your Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, and Passport-Size Photo available in digital format.


Online Form Submission, Payment, and Email

Complete the entire process in a secure, fast, and convenient manner with online updates.



As soon as your DSC is approved, we will send it to you using a secure digital channel.

What are the Benefits of Having a
Digital Signature Certificate?

Convenient and Efficient

Skip the schedules, cues, and tracking hassles. Upload your documents online and get your DSC within hours.

Seamless Workflow for Customers

Get a safe & consistent mechanism for signing critical documents without leaving your room. 

Secure and Valid

ETSI PDF Signatures comply with the Electronic Identification & Trust Services – a global benchmark for long format signature security. 

Environment-Friendly Process

Work with a digital process that operates without any paper or power wastage! 

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