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Norm Williams

Program Manager (IT)

Network Consulting

DEV IT Consulting services can give you the business analyses you need and follow through with implementation. We provide you the Network Consulting, Infrastructure Audit, Compliance, Data Center Management, Integrated business, Technology and Process solutions.

We have the flexibility to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively and our confidence in our ability to think ahead makes us willing to be measured against any business outcomes.

Our affiliations with the nation's top technology manufacturers allows us to create seamless solutions using best of class software and solutions - making your investment work for you. Let us help you make the complicated world of networks, computers and IT systems simple - so you can focus on your business and improving your bottom line.

Recent advances in technology, converging networks, and content-rich applications must be consolidated to offer highly differentiated services to end-users, providing seamless experiences that work across numerous back-end platforms and systems. Deploying these solutions securely and reliably is challenging, and doing so requires careful planning, design, implementation, and management.

Being a partner to of the world’s leading OEMs, DEV IT is the ideal consultant, systems integrator, and services partner for all these challenges. With our strong experience in planning, designing, implementing, and management; we help create and maintain best-in-class networks.


Our Network Consulting and Integration Services deliver complete network life cycle management for carrier networks, including:

a) Network Planning

We help achieve business objectives through business case modeling, complete network design, technology evaluation, and developing a comprehensive network and future roadmap.

b) Network Desing

We perform detailed system design, capacity assessment and planning.

c) Network Implementation

We help deploy networks, including setting the correct network configuration, ensuring optimum parameter settings and testing the functionality of standalone network elements. We ensure overall functioning of networks by integrating the network elements of multiple systems, followed by network acceptance and end-to-end testing.

d) Network Operation

We offer Level 1 Level 2 and Tier 3 support comprising both onsite and remote personnel. We also manage routine operations and maintenance activities via a Network Operations Center (NOC) and managed services.

Our network consulting services begin with you - your needs, your objectives, and your budget. We take the time to understand your goals with a complete needs assessment. Then, we design a plan that reflects your objectives and works with your budget.

Complete and Comprehensive

Our consulting process is complete and comprehensive. We'll inventory your current network technology and recommend the products that would work best for you. We'll provide you with a clear estimate that lays out a plan for your network's future and explains exactly how much it will cost. We'll analyze your budget to determine if it's on target, and we can even help you develop an RFP for your network installation project.

Efficient and Affordable

To top it all off, our consulting is also cost-effective. Our network experts work quickly and efficiently to minimize site visits and keep costs down. Plus, their sharp-eyed observations identify potential issues before they become problems down the road.

With our network consulting services, you lay the foundation for your network installation project's success and gain a plan that is truly based on your business objectives.

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