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The solutions and services proposed, developed, implemented and maintained by DEV IT has put our organization on an advanced platform today
P. N. Shah

General Manager

Infrastructure Audit

DEV IT Consulting services can give you the business analyses you need and follow through with implementation. We provide you the Network Consulting, Infrastructure Audit, Compliance, Data Center Management, Integrated business, Technology and Process solutions.

We have the flexibility to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively and our confidence in our ability to think ahead makes us willing to be measured against any business outcomes.

Did you do a check on you structured cabling performance and warranty certifications? Are your users always complaining that the network is slow and you can’t find out why for sure?

Do you have intermittent network problems that are affecting your users but can’t pin point what is causing them and why they occur? Are you trying to justify to your upper management and financial controllers why you need to upgrade parts of your network but don’t have the full technical information to justify your request?

Is your business caught in the talent technology imbalance? Like most enterprises, you hire the best talent, but do you prioritize the planning of your IT? The question to ask is whether it can keep delivering, because the technology that was ideal just a few years ago could actually be hindering your growth now. The issue of security should be central to this. Security threats grow and change by the day and the single information breach could be detrimental to your business as a whole. Dev Information Technology’s IT and infrastructure management specialists put you ahead- ensuring your IT environment is safe, Productive and up to date.

DEV IT Infrastructure Audit Services:

When you engage with Dev Information Technology, you are assured that your entire IT environment is scanned for both efficiency and security. Productivity drains are identified and remedied. Dev Information Technology’s snapshot compares your network to industry standard architecture, pinpointing risk and productivity gaps, while providing you with solution that fix these issues before they become costly to your business. We will even help you to prioritize your budget, by labeling these recommendations as either ‘critical to business safety or efficiency ‘or ‘important, but not critical’.

This way your technology is not only redefined, it is managed, considered and tailored to your needs.

Our Methodology

The scope of Dev Information Technology’s includes:
  • Operating system versions and security/bug patching
  • The listing of all hardware, mapping their depreciation schedules and lifespan
  • An analysis of environmental conditions for equipment, including heat and power protection
  • Network design analysis and a network diagram, with a view to improve support response time
  • A report on the performance of the hardware in all PC based equipment
  • A report on server hardware appropriateness, performance, level of redundancy and any associated tasks
  • An analysis of Microsoft Server configuration security analysis on multiple levels


Most IT infrastructure unable to perform the function they were installed for, simply because they are not configured correctly or they have become outdated. Even if your business focuses its talent on its talent on managing and maintaining the IT environment, you will not get benefit, purely because the network is too constrained by its issues. With Dev Information Technology’s IT audit, you can identify the gaps and repair the problems before they constrain your operation bringing your technology up to the standard that can be managed and maintained correctly.


Obtain accurate details of your network infrastructure and document the flaws that exists in your network.
Perform analysis of your company’s network and IT Infrastructure to make recommendations to solve your problems once and for all and avoid ad hoc, temporary fixes temporary fixes. With our service you will be able to provide real results to improve your infrastructure that will lead to more satisfied users and happier management.

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