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We have been working with Dev Info-Tech for more than 10 years for our Managed IT Services and Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) needs. Since DEV IT began managing our IT Infrastructure, there has been a significant reduction in downtimes resulting in enhanced IT efficiency. DEV IT has turned out to be one-stop shop for handling our needs in terms of various IT solutions, infrastructure and support. They are a team of highly skilled professionals and great communicators with positive attitude and creative vision. DEV IT has been instrumental in not only the success of our IT practices, but the growth and continued success of our customers. Beyond just professional services, what sets DEV IT apart, is their technical aptitude, strategic vision, combined with an unwavering commitment to execution and delivery for our clients.
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EPM Implementation

Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Specialized Partners have taken time and effort to provided customer references for deploying, developing or training on the Microsoft EPM solution.

The Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution is a flexible, end-to-end platform, used across a broad variety of industries to select and effectively deliver the right project portfolios.

All major technology and business-process initiatives require a framework that guides the initiative through major life-cycle phases. Microsoft recommends using a strategy that begins with an analysis of business requirements and that culminates with the controlled deployment of a solution throughout the organization.

The Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) can be used to deploy an EPM solution. The following diagram illustrates the major phases of the MSF strategy. The following table summarizes each of the MSF phases.

Envisioning The team defines the vision and scope of the EPM initiative based on the business needs. The team organizes the initiative as a project and creates an approved Vision/Scope document. The team also creates other artifact documents such as a risk and issues log and initial project structure.
Planning The team gathers and analyzes requirements that lead to the development of the configuration settings specification and the architecture design specification, as well as an inventory of the business processes that must be implemented along with the technology. The team also develops a detailed project plan that includes development, testing, communication, and other tasks for the EPM initiative.
Developing The team installs and configures the Microsoft EPM components. The project-management business processes that are new or changed are documented into procedures.
Stabilizing The team tests the Microsoft EPM configuration and hardware performance.
Deploying The team trains all Microsoft EPM system users and ensures that appropriate functions are available for each user. The new and changed business processes are introduced to the user community by means of training and ongoing support.

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