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P. N. Shah

General Manager

Sales Force Automation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM's powerful capabilities, like workflow automation & analytics, you can let your sales, marketing, & service staff easily share information and route tasks to provide a seamless customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM works like and with familiar Microsoft products which means less of a learning curve for your people, so they can get up and running quickly and focus on what’s most important to your customers.

Businesses today strive to overcome and outpace their competition. In this process it becomes very important to equip people with the right tools to win in a fiercely competitive marketplace. We help make the internal processes simpler and easier so your sales force can focus on creating a differentiated experience for customers. We help in empowering sales personnel to make more impactful engagements.

With intelligent features and capabilities of our solutions, you can gain advantage to shorten sales cycles, increase close rates, improve productivity of your sales team and gain actionable insight into your sales efforts.

Unleash your sales team's potential to enable them to become more equipped and aware, collaborative and connected, quick and agile on the go, and highly productive.

Improve Lead Quality

Focus your time and resources on quality leads that convert into business.
  • Capture Higher Quality Leads
  • Qualify Leads Faster
  • Easily Separate Quality Leads from Non-Productive Leads

Build an Efficient Sales Process

Turn a higher percentage of your leads into paying customers by increasing sales efficiency and improving customer confidence.
  • Professionalize Your Sales Experience with a Customer Portal
  • Automate Your Sales Process With Workflows
  • Automate Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Better Sales Process Transparency

Improve Salesperson Productivity

Salespeople are the pillars of any sales organization and are the driving force behind company revenue. Provide them with an enterprise class solution to help them perform more effectively.
  • Improve Efficiency with Workflows
  • Centralize Your Customer Data for Quick Access
  • Control Access to Records with Roles and Hierarchies

Understand Your Business Better

Reports build on customer, salesperson, and communications data enables a better management decision making and a greater potential for improvement.

Better Customer Retention

As your products and services evolve, be ready to know which of your previous customers can benefit from new services or products that you provide. Empower your sales team with cross selling and up selling opportunities.

Engaged and connected teams perform sales together and win together as a team. Build productive internal and external communities by enabling your people to share news, information, opportunities, knowledgebase and best sales practices. Facilitate real-time sales collaboration with unified presence, web conferencing, and IM capabilities.

Intensify your sales managers and executives selling power by giving them rich visualizations and real-time dashboards. This empowers them to target more profitable opportunities.

Value Proposition

  • Intelligently manage your sales data effectively
  • Improve sales planning and management
  • Streamlining leads tracking system and pipeline
  • Manage opportunities effectively
  • Track all activities and communications with each contact and account
  • Save time and cost of sales activities
  • Boost personal, team or organization sales productivity by automating workflows.
  • Access from any web-enabled device anywhere, anytime. Mobility at its core.
  • Enhance sales pipeline for improved financial planning of resources
  • Increase accuracy of revenue goals and projections
  • Measure your sales success with key performance indicators (KPIs) and improve your decision making

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