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The solutions and services proposed, developed, implemented and maintained by DEV IT has put our organization on an advanced platform today
P. N. Shah

General Manager

Enterprise Mobility

Combining latest and the best in mobile technology to deliver solutions that are secure, robust and reliable.

DEV IT delivers Enterprise Mobile Application Development Services that keep your employees productive on their favorite mobile devices while keeping your company data safe and secure. We design and develop mobile app strategy, closely aligned to your mobile business processes and objectives.

Today, in a changing digital landscape, increasing number of people are using their mobile phones, smart phones & tablets to access web content, shop, socialize & play games. This has led to an increasing diversity of mobile devices, platforms, and environments. You need a partner who can engage with you to access your needs, develop a strategy and build robust mobile applications for your business. Our solutions connect you with your employees, clients, vendors and partners for business, communication, social networking as well as entertainment. DEV IT offer a complete spectrum of services, from envisioning and business consulting to mobile-based business solutions, mobile application development and deployment, mobile solution testing services, mobile device management and many more.

Mobility Strategy
We offer comprehensive envisioning and advisory services tailored for enterprises across various industries. We help enterprises to develop mobile strategies by defining the landscape for mobile implementation (business functions, processes, users, and other stakeholders), prioritizing investments in mobility to achieve best ROI, implementing roadmap as well as governance. DEV IT helps their clients choose the right platform, middleware and technology, devise security strategy and design an enterprise-wide architecture blueprint.

Mobile Application Development
As mobile devices become the main mode of accessing enterprise data, enterprises need end-to-end solutions addressing a particular business function / process, tailored around mobile devices. DEV IT provides mobile solutions to address challenges in mobility, and have a meaningful impact on growth profitability, and asset efficiency of enterprises. DEV IT offers a suite of solutions customized for enterprises including conceptualization, mobile application development and deployment, mobile device management, mobile solution testing, QA, and many more. Our enterprise mobile app developers work with you to develop ground breaking apps that can function seamlessly on iOS, Android and several other mobile operating platforms & devices.

Mobile Security and Compliance Risks
Increasing popularity and usage of mobile devices pose an inherent security risk to your organization. We assist you in remotely locking and wiping mobile app data that are either lost or stolen, while recovering data in the event of destruction is always on priority. Our advanced security software configuration, improve mobile security via user authentication and other strategies. We actively work to your advantage in mitigating mobile vulnerability and compliance risk by integrating security risk discovery, prioritization, remediation, and reporting across organization’s mobile infrastructure. This basically empowers IT stakeholders to manage Mobile security from a single – web based console.

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