Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O
Experience the power of seamless integrations across cloud-based applications that make your business processes more intelligent, frictionless, and connected. Microsoft Dynamics 365 breaks conventional barriers of siloed functional applications and unifies business processes, giving you more control, visibility, and cohesiveness across the board.

Let your customer journey reflect in your enterprise operations with an integrated CRM and ERP on one platform, alongside every granular insight captured with Power BI. Your functions operate within the umbrella of your business.


Solution Acquisition Consulting

  • Develop business case based on needs assessments
  • Formulate a Project Scope and Deliverables document
  • Proof of Concept
  • IT pre-requisites, licensing and budgets
  • Project Plan & Identification of Core Team

Implementation Services

  • Functional Requirements Documentation
  • Functional Design Documentation
  • Solution installation and master data management
  • Business Process Mapping & Configuration
  • Design, develop, deploy and test customizations
  • End-User Training, Acceptance Testing and Deliverable Sign-off

Support Services

  • Roll-out support
  • Change Request Management
  • Product support
  • Operations support
  • Performance monitoring & support
  • New functionality development

Upgrade Services

  • Vertical upgrade to new versions
  • Horizontal upgrades to include new modules and functionalities

Integration Services

  • Integration with legacy or specific Line-Of-Business applications
  • Deploying and integration of 3rd party add-ons/ applications

Business Functions

  • General Ledger, Budgeting, and Reporting on One Platform
  • Record Complex Transactions in Multiple Currencies at an Accelerated Pace
  • Get Data Visibility Between Group Entity Transactions
  • Access Budgeting Funds, Pools, Workflows, and Visualizations
  • Get Custom Reporting Module for Industry & Accounting Standard Compliance
  • Conduct Material & Capacity Planning, Azure ML Model-Based Demand Forecasting, and Production Scheduling
  • Purchase Order, Invoice, and Consignment Data Collaboration with Vendors
  • End-to-End Inventory and Multi-Warehouse Management
  • Get real-time omnichannel visibility across customer profiles and agent performance
  • Enable intelligent community management with media enriched knowledgebase and automated escalation
  • Empower agents with data, tools, and feedback
  • Harness service intelligence capabilities with custom dashboards and natural language sensing features
  • Locate customer-centric selling opportunities with enhanced planning capabilities. 
  • Streamline contracts, collaborate with peers, and manage resources. 
  • Track productivity and bill customers accordingly. 
  • Get project reporting, analytics, and insights on one unified platform.  
  • Get Comprehensive Insights Across Customer Intelligence, Opportunity Prioritization, and Sales Lifecycle
  • Onboard, Monitor, and Manage Sales Talent Performance
  • Leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Collect Email Intelligence and Offer Personalized Content
  • Manage Partners with Discounts, Rebates, and Performance Metrics
  • Get a unified view of customers with the Microsoft Customer Data Platform
  • Access comprehensive audience insights and platform engagement insights
  • Leverage insights and AI/ML models to predict customer behaviour with remarkable accuracy
  • Accurately manage forecasting, billing, and Service Level Agreements
  • Experience optimal resource allocation
  • Get deep visibility across inventories, technician performance, and order completion
  • Integrate the platform with IoT Device for maintenance and performance tracking
  • Manage outbound communications with Twilio API

Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Power Platform includes Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 at the core of your business processes, get impactful insights to drive real-time action and develop a competitive edge – all within the environment of one platform.
  • Access intelligent insights with federated data
  • Automate execution capabilities across functions
  • Accelerate decision-making with real-time insights at your fingertips


DEV IT has been the preferred Microsoft Dynamics Product Partner for over 15 years and has delivered tremendous value across industries and Microsoft Partner Channel around the globe. For over 6 years, we have evolved with sophisticated capabilities for cloud solutions within the Microsoft Dynamics Environment. To every ERP implementation project, we bring: 

  • Deep functional capabilities across the Microsoft Dynamics AX value chain.  
  • Expertise in delivering seamless and secure data migration from legacy systems to Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP platform on the cloud.  
  • Augmenting project value with Common Data Model runs on the Microsoft Power Platform. 
  • Industry-leading Microsoft BI Practice for optimal implementation.   
Our team of experts takes absolute ownership across the project lifecycle and precisely matches the implementation practices with your granular needs.

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