Digital Services

Digital Services

Digital shows promise. But going digital is often tricky. That is why the DEV IT team has put together the Digital Services, which help you launch your eCommerce store and develop digital marketing systems, processes, and practices that help you get more customers over time. Eliminate the gap that comes by working with different vendors over different stages of the digital lifecycle and work with DEV IT to unlock the full potential of the digital frontier.

Digital Services

Our Digital Services cover every touchpoint from the eCommerce storefront
development to converting your leads on your online platform.
eCommerce Storefronts
Launch an Ecommerce Store that Delivers a Seamless Online Buying Experience.
All the way from research & online strategy to UI/UX development, enterprise eCommerce development, and specialised eCommerce marketing – our team of experts is equipped with years of experience, proprietary tools, and tested methods to catalyse your eCommerce growth trajectory.
eCommerce Storefronts
Digital Marketing
Discover & Attract Leads, Drive Conversions, and Earn Brand Advocates with a Systematic Process.
Our team brings expertise across the customer journey and helps you establish a brand, deliver a value proposition, and profitably convert customers. We bring tested & accumulated expertise across SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Paid Campaign Management that has historically delivered ROI as high as 90%.
Digital Marketing

Why Digital Services?

Comprehensive Solutions on One Platform

From engineering, designing, and launching your eCommerce store to growing with intelligent marketing programs – we provide expertise, advisory, and consistent excellence across the landscape.

10+ Years of Expertise

Our seasoned team of experts has worked with 100+ clients in the past decade, helping them acquire more profitable clients at a large scale with tested & trusted processes.

Data-Driven Multichannel Approach

Our approach is broad and iterative using Google Analytics, MailChimp, and other platforms, filtering only the most profitable channels with expertise across a vast universe of channels like Social Media, Google Network, Email, and Paid Campaigns.

Industry-Revered Security Standards

As experts in security services, we proactively ensure SSL Certification, encryption, and payment integration compliance across the board.

24 x 7 Monitoring and Quick Resolution

Our team sets up automated and manual systems for 24 x 7 monitoring for load balancing, infrastructure management, and other issues after deploying your digital assets. Besides that, our team is always accessible for fast turnarounds.

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