Cloud Application Modernization

Cloud Application Modernization

Cloud has become a non-negotiable component of every ambitious enterprise’s technology strategy. But, how do you perform the transformation without putting critical data, security, application performance, and business continuity at risk? The simple answer is – with our Cloud Migration & Modernization services.

Customer needs are dynamically evolving, and enterprise technology is often left trailing. We take a proactive, holistic, and agile approach to cloud migration & modernization. With our integrated expertise in cloud engineering, operational support, and enterprise process management, we unlock a new level of potential, productivity, and seamless technology.

Our Offerings

Modernize Your Applications
We craft a performance-driven roadmap for application modernization to ensure business continuity and cost-effective deployment. DEV IT team provides cloud integration services and adopt a cloud-native database to upgrade your system to greater code reliability, assurance, and automation with DevSecOps.
Modernize Your Applications
Shift Your Applications to the Cloud
Our Cloud Expert team designs a data-driven migration plan that leads to scalable migration. By analyzing time-to-market schedules and resource consumption, we build comprehensive cloud solutions that entail high-performance standards, scalability, and security across your cloud environment.
Shift Your Applications to the Cloud

Cloud Modernization & Migration Partners

Microsoft Azure

Get the most out of your investments in Microsoft applications by working with a recognized partner who helps you utilize the cloud for hybrid and enterprise infrastructure.

Amazon AWS

Leveraged our recognized partnership to benefit the oldest running enterprise cloud environment & infrastructure trusted by governments and open-source community alike.

Managed Cloud

Ensure continuous monitoring during and post the application
migration with our expertise in three key areas:

Cloud Management

Manage your cloud resources with better control, increased scalability, efficient orchestration, and proactive monitoring.

Cloud Optimization

Optimize cloud resource consumption and mitigate wastage

On-Premise Assessment

Examine and locate the optimal points in the existing cloud & on-premise environment to initiate efficient migration. 

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