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Case Studies

Integrated Solutions for Better Management of IT

GIDC needed the power to more effectively manage all their IT components and allow them to focus more on delivering new business value. DEV IT's integrated solution for messaging and IT management enabled GIDC to capture knowledge about their infrastructure, policies, processes, and best practices in order to reduce costs, improve availability, and enhance IT services.

Microsoft Exchange 2007 to 2010 Migration and High Availability

High availability is a top priority for many business operations. Mailbox databases and the data they contain are one of the most critical components of any organization running Microsoft Exchange. Read how DEV IT helped with a high availability and disaster recovery solution of Exchange servers after migrating from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010.

Moving from NDS to Windows Active Directory

Introducing a new directory service to a existing network is a strategic standpoint and the process is highly complex. While building a new tree from scratch can be a complex task, migrating existing directory information from another service presents its own set of challenges. DEV IT successfully planned, mitigated and migrated QuickLogic from Novell Directory Services to Microsoft Active Directory to support their new business requirements and geographic spread.

Windows Active Directory and Exchange Migration

Sperry Van Ness provides proprietary tools and communication services to the real estate advisors and brokers for identifying, analysing, presenting and sharing business paradigm. The management at SVN were concerned that if a hardware failure occurred - the time it would take to get the systems operational again would result in huge business loss. The network before migration was running Windows 2000 Servers with Exchange 2003 while they wanted to move to Windows 2003 and Exchange 2010.

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